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Below you will find our reviews from clients. We will be happy to provide more upon request. As you can see most of the reviews that come in are quite lengthy so I will only post a few at a time.

Without Beth @ Suspended PPC, we might as well have shut down one of our internal departments completely.

All our client Adwords campaigns/accounts had been suspended due to suspicious activity, and we were unable to create any new ones without them being blocked over and over again.  

The complexity of the situation meant that we had been banging our heads against our desks trying to negotiate and maneuver around Google policies for close on 4 months and then, out of the blue, Beth from Phoenix, Arizona fell into our laps answering our online pleas.  

The immediate reaction from the team was one of uncertainty, suspicion and distrust.  

I, perhaps a little naïve but completely motivated and utterly hopeful, took a chance on Suspended PPC.

Not wanting to let the opportunity disappear I called her back to find out more.   After the initial worry about what partnering with Suspended PPC would mean, all my concerns melted away with every additional contact, email, or call.  

Beth is friendly, charming, professional and well-connected. She is proactive, patient, empathetic and well-informed. She is everything you need to have when you’re teetering on the edge of insanity and revenue loss, hitting walls at every turn.  

I could not have been happier to find a company half way around the world, that was efficient, customer focused and providing me with the help I needed.  

In any case, although success was not assured, at the end of month 5 mark we get the email :  your accounts are unblocked!  

A Champagne cork may have broken at the speed of sound that evening! It took her less than Two weeks.  

Today we are currently making the final checkups, and preparing solid new processes (jointly with Suspended PPC) to ensure this never happens again.  

And I cannot say it enough : Thank you Suspended PPC for your help and hardwork… your contacts and your tricks of the trade. You have been super.


Josephine Fredrick ,                                                                                                                                                                                              Senior Manager, Marvil56                                                                                                                                                                                  Geneva , Switzerland

Review for amazing Beth.

"Unacceptable business practice" under "Misrepresentation Violation" this is probably the worst suspension you can get from Google, and according to their policy there is no way of reactivating an AdWords account after you got suspended for Unacceptable Business Practice".
For two years we couldn't go back on Google Ads, in addition as a garage door company we couldn't advertise on Google Local Service (Google Guaranteed) since we had a suspension on our AdWords account.
After trying almost everything in order to get unsuspended we almost gave up and decided to give it one last chance with Beth and SuspendedPPC.
Beth was amazing and explained us exactly what to do as far as changes to our website, and with amazing attitude she was contacting Google and never gave up even after the first appeal didn't work for us.
After few months Beth was able to reactivate our account and to put us back on Google Guaranteed. She did an absolutely amazing and impressive work.
Even now it's hard for me to realize that we are actually up and running after so many years.
I would definitely recommend Beth and SuspendedPPC to everyone who needs to get an AdWord account reactivated.
Beth "You are amazing and we love you" 🙂
Thank you so much.

Google Ads has been our biggest source of leads and business income for the last five years.  We hired an agency at the beginning of the year to manage our account and soon after discovered that it had become suspended due to something out of our control and was not our fault.  After firing the agency and following the instructions provided by Google to unsuspend our account we were still unable to advertise.  We spent countless hours over the course of two months and to put mildly we were extremely frustrated and without a clue on how to proceed.  After a quick Google search and phone call to Beth I approached one of our owners and he agreed to give her a shot.  It was a bit frustrating at first as there wasn't a guarantee of success but as Beth explained the process we were hopeful on a positive outcome.  Beth gave us an initial timeline of two weeks to four months and we were up and running within 30 days.  To say we are grateful would be an understatement!  Beth was always available for our questions, provided updates regularly and completely under promised and over delivered.  Getting back online has been a life saver for our business and all employed here.  If you are in a similar situation call her today you won't be disappointed!


Dave L.

VP Digital Marketing

All In Ent.


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