Ad Disapproval

Once your ad has been reviewed it will come back either approved or disapproved. If it is disapproved you need to fix it right away or remove it until you can get back to it. If you remove it you will have to start with a new ad but it is much easier that fighting a suspended account.

The best way to avoid this is by following all of Google’s policies. This is not a simple task as they are vast and ever changing but the core policies remain the same. Pretty much anyone with a conscious will know while writing the ad if it is a little shady.


Please, if you have to think about it…DON’T DO IT!


Remember, for the sake of your account, relevancy of your campaign and your sanity; just write the ads for your company, product or service. Don’t try to go around the system with tricky words or schemes to get more out of the program by trickery. It will bite you more often than not.

Keep your ads relevant to your groups, keywords and landing pages. That is the best all around recipe for a successful campaign. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing just promote your offerings and have a goal.

If you are having trouble fill out the form and I will call you back and the first ad is on me. With the information requested for suspensions just put in ABC and that will get the form sent. I will call you back during business hours asap. If this is an urgent matter you can call me at the number listed on my site. Remember, if your ads are continually getting disapproved then you run the risk of getting suspended. If you don't know how to fix the issue then remove the ad until someone who knows how, can fix the issue.